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* STAPKE * SIETZEN * & Black Forest Roots*

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German Family
My maternal grandmother's family was from the
BLACK FOREST, .they were clockmakers.
Here are some of my local surnames:

Duffner, Bauerle, Dold,
Faller, Winterhalder, Spiegelhalter,
Ruf, Beha, Kirner, Rombach,
Fehrenbach, Fohrenbach,
Dilgerin, Laulerin, & Weherle.

From the towns of Neukirch, Furtwangen,
Waldu, Gutanbach, St. Margen,
Simmonswald & Kohlplatz, etc

I am of the STAPKE family of Chicago
Ich bin der Stapke Familie von Chicago
My great grandfather was Wilhelm Stapke of Preilack-Peitz
Mein Urgro▀vater war Wilhelm von Stapke Preilack-Peitz

His Father: Martin Stapke born 1829
Mother: Christiane nee Lolk

  William (Wilhelm) Stapke - 33 yrs b. Preilack Germany Married on  26 Dec 1886
  Susanna Sietzen- 24 yrs b. Weissenseifen b.1 JAN 1865


The Messina-Projetto Family

Our immigrant ancestors were born in Nicosia,
Catania/ Enna, Sicily.

Rosario Messina: born Nov. 1882 was the son of Giuseppa Raspanti and Salvatore Messina.

Rosario was a farm worker in Nicosia, and a construction worker in Chicago.

Santa Proetto (Proietto): born Mar.1887 was the daughter of Provvidenza LiVolsi and Carmelo Proetto. Santa worked as a seamstress in Chicago.***

100 years after their wedding day their descendants total 93. (One baby is due in Spring 2010)

Our Nicosian surnames:


NICOSIA (Municipio)
Ufficio di Stato Civile
Piazza Garibaldi
Italia / Italy
tel: 0935 672111

The Nicosia Book Story

After my husband, Roger and I returned from our first trip to Sicily and Italy in June 2001, I found an e-mail waiting for me...It was from Alberto Micalizzi of Livorno, Italy. The post said he was researching a book on immigrants from Nicosia, Enna, Sicily: the birthplace of my grandparents.

In researching my family history, I also collected data on the Nicosians in Chicago. It might not have pertained to my family, but I saved the information. I thought that it might be important someday (papers on the church, club activities and festivals, etc.). I also collected over 100 surnames of Nicosians in Chicago. Over the next few months I sent all the information to Mr. Micalizzi.

When the book was published, Alberto invited us to the presentation of the book at city hall in Nicosia. Roger and I attended the ceremony. We met many Nicosians, including the mayor.
I was surprised and honored to see that a photo of my family was used for the front cover.

When all of the speeches were finished, I read these words in Italian:
"One hundred years ago, our grandparents left Nicosia for a new life in Chicago. Their voyage continues today with this reunion. Our family is scattered in America, but our heart remains in Sicily."...........

A few days later, the Messina family was reconnected after 100 years when we met our Nicosian cousins in Firenze. We are grateful to Alan Hartman, who played the role of translator, and helped us communicate with our cousins.

Genealogy has led to an introduction to many amazing people, like Alberto Micalizzi and Alan Hartman, and the discovery of distant cousins especially; Raspanti, LiVolsi, Vanaria, LaPorta families.

One of the Raspanti cousins is script writer and movie producer Alessandro di Gaetano. Linda is assisting Alessandro with research and PR, for his next project RED GOLD. This film tells the love story of an Italian Prisoner of War, and a beautiful American girl from a small town in Indiana.


 organizations I contacted to research the family tree

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