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* STAPKE * SIETZEN * & Black Forest Roots*

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STAPKE -- SIETZEN Family History

Dorothy Stapke with cousins Tony & Charlie Stapke
Stapke Cousins in front of the Stapke Store, Chicago

I am of the STAPKE family of Chicago
Ich bin der Stapke Familie von Chicago
My great grandfather was Wilhelm Stapke of Preilack-Peitz
Mein Urgro▀vater war Wilhelm von Stapke Preilack-Peitz
                        STAPKE family history
Wilhelm Stapke our Immigrant Ancestor

Friedrich Wilhelm Stapke, born 20th January 1851 Preilack
John Stapke , born 18th September 1847 Preilack

Christian Stapke, born 24 January 1854 in Preilack
Fredrick Stapke, born 27th October 1858 in Preilack

The parents of the 4 brothers
Father: Martin Stapke born 1829, Mother: Christiane nee Lolk
Wilhem Stapke Sr married. Mathilda Domrose
(1 son Wilhelm Fred Stapke born 1883)

Second wife:
Susanna Sitzen /Sietzen -- born. Weissenseifen ??? @ 1864
Susie Sitzen b. 1864 Married  Wilhelm Stapke b 1851
on  26 Dec 1886
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900
STAPKE, WILHELM & LITZEN, (Sitzen) SUSIE 1886-12-26 /
# 00109690 COOK
Suzanna  might have lived in Luxembourg,
sons Charles 1888
 & John
William Fred Stapke Spouse: Anna Gillman
Marriage: 26 JUN 1907 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
1 child Ruth
Carl Stapke (John)
Birth: 17 FEB 1888 , Cook, Illinois
Parents: Father: William Stapke & Mother: Susanna Sitzen

    Charles STAPKE II
    Birth Date: 23 Mar 1914
    Death Date: 10 Jul 1990
    SS#: 327-01-0922 Illinois
John Stapke:
married Helen (Lena) Phillips
died....October 29, 1935
Dorothy Della

Father:  William (Wilhelm) Stapke -- 33 yrs.
    b. Preilack Germany
Mother:  Susanna Sitzen  -- 24 yrs.
   b. Weissenseifen 1864 (1 JAN 1865)

Birth record  for Charles  (Carl) Stapke  b.  17 Feb 1888
 7 May 1913 Charles married Barbara Lindenburgd


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